Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Room

Infrared Sauna

When you are through with a tough workout and go into your gym locker room, you may be craving for something more relaxing. If the gym has an infrared sauna and a steam room, these will be certainly tempting options for soothing sore muscles and winding down. But should you get into the dry but very hot sauna or the moist tile room filled with steam? For you to understand better how infrared saunas and steam rooms differ, its essential to have a general understanding of the mechanics and benefits of each of them. Here is an exclusive look at the infrared sauna vs. steam room.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna consist of a room that is wood-based and uses infrared rays to warm the body rather than moisture or temperatures that are too high. The infrared rays penetrate the body to about one and a half inches, heating it directly. The infrared saunas function between 115- 130degree F, which is on a lower scale that the ancient ones that run between 170 to 200 Fahrenheit. Though the temps are lower, the body heating mode from within makes them one of the beneficial options. The two types of infrared saunas include; far infrared sauna and near-infrared sauna.

What is Steam Room?

It is a moist non-porous, and an airtight chamber used for warming through humidity and high heat. The non-porous material can either be tile or glass. Water is boiled by a steaming generator to create steam and environment full of moisture. The temperatures range at around 120 F, though the high humidity levers make it feel hotter. Room of steam heat the environment from outside thus warming the users.

Steam Room Vs. Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Even though both infrared saunas and steam room provide a number of health adds, they have some variations. The varying benefits result from the distinct methods of heating used by these two methods.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

  • Concentrated Detoxification

Infrared saunas bring more sweating as compared to a room of steam. The infrared rays make penetration to the body causing increased blood flow. They also reduce water molecules clusters, which enhances the elimination of lethal toxins that are not removed in a room of steam. Medical experts states that infrared sauna heats the more deep tissues enhancing the metabolic processes, blood circulation, and tissue oxygenation.

  • Comfortable Use

As compared to steam rooms, infrared saunas tend to have lower temperatures that are easier and more comfortable on the body. More so, people who have lung issues such as difficulty in breathing and eye problems in high heat and humidity may find it appropriate to go for an infrared sauna to get a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

  • A decrease in Cellulite and Weight Loss

Infrared sauna causes a considerable weight reduction with regular use. Loss of weight is attributed to the active sauna heating nature, increased metabolic rates, and toxins elimination via improved perspiration. These processes burns extra calories significantly.

Steam Room Benefits

  • Skin Hydration

The steam room produces air of high humidity that is often useful in hydrating the skin. The moisture-rich air in steam rooms can assist in balancing skin oil production, which leads to brighter and smoother skin. For people with dry skin, they might regain a more hydrated skin by regular use of the steam room.

  • Respiratory Benefits

One of the unique benefits of a steam room over an infrared sauna is respiratory relief. It tends to make an environment that is rich with high humidity and heat, which is essential in relieving an array of respiratory problems, including sinusitis, cold symptoms, and allergies. The high air humidity opens the nasal passages and sinuses, giving more efficient breathing.

  • Improved Sleep

Upon stepping out of the steam room, the body starts working on ways to have your body become cool. When these body efforts are combined with the steam room relaxing properties, it gives the user an improved excellent night sleep. This benefit is also available with the infrared sauna.

Considerations when making a Buy

When deciding the best option between an infrared sauna and steam rooms, you should consider some characteristics of steam rooms and infrared saunas to choose which is the best is for an individual, family, or household.

And no matter which one you choose, pay attention to these precautions from LiquidImage.  especially if you are pregnant or consumed alcohol beforehand.

Steam Room Considerations

Stem rooms are purchasable as a kit where you can assemble it on your own. They can also be made by custom and a contractor makes the installation. Rooms of steam do have specific electrical and plumbing requirements, including a generator of steam that requires to be stationed in an exclusive, location of safety to decrease burn chances.

A sloped ceiling and an airtight-spaces are necessary for efficient drippage as well as a drain accommodation area. Due to the moist condition of the room, there is a possible chance of bacterial growth. You should hence ensure you regularly clean the room with till cleaner and ensure you properly drain. Steam rooms, however, may not be the best for pregnant women or people with severe conditions such as diabetes and heart problems.

Infrared Sauna Considerations

Infrared saunas are relatively simple to add to your home as compared to steam rooms. They are lighter and more portable for home using. They also do not need strict insulation to uphold high heat levels in the room. Usually, you can install an infrared sauna in less than an hour, with no professional installation required.

Also, many of the infrared saunas can plug into an existing outlet and are energy efficient. It uses a third of electrical power as compared to traditional saunas. You should, however, limit your infrared sauna session to about 20 minutes to avoid dehydration.

The Verdict on What’s Right for You

There are apparent, distinct differences between an infrared sauna and steam rooms in terms of primary operation and benefits. However, both these methods can offer much-needed health benefits for individuals and families. They can increase relaxation, ease stress, bring happiness, and improve overall health. When deciding what to take between infrared sauna vs. steam room, you should take your time to consider your specific health needs, your current health status, and the future wellness goals.

Do You Really Need an Amp in Your Car?

Do You Really Need an Amp in Your Car

In both your car and home audio systems, an amplifier is an appliance that takes a weak audio signal and boosts it. The signal that comes into the amplifier is weak to produce enough sound on the speakers while the signal that gets out gets the job done.

The role of amplifying the signal is essential for every car audio system, and the power of the amplifier determines how distortion-free and loud the sound will be. Every car system has an amplifier, even if it is inbuilt in the console, and others even have multiple amps.

Most vehicle audio systems don’t have a separate amp, and most car upgrades leave out the amplifier. But the truth is that all car audio systems contain an amplifier, even if it is a weak inbuilt amplifier, and the stereo system of a car cannot work without one.

Why Do You Need a Car Audio Amplifier?

Car Audio Amplifier

Most consoles include built-in amps, but they are usually not very strong. Consoles that have powerful amplifiers tend to lean more towards the expensive series, which is why the better option is to pair a dashboard that contains amplifier outputs with an improved amplifier.

There are several reasons why you need to add a separate amplifier to your car audio system, and you certainly require one if you want:

  •         To get the fullest out of your speakers: You can enhance the sound quality of your car audio system by adding new speakers, but the inbuilt amplifier on the head unit does not give you the best of them. A separate amplifier will provide you with several options in terms of sound quality and type of speakers.
  •         To power a subwoofer unit: If you want to add a subwoofer to your car audio system, you will most likely require an amplifier at the same time. Most car systems don’t have connections that are particularly designed for subwoofers – think of adding subwoofer amplifier.
  •         A louder sound that is free from distortion: One of the essential features of a quality amplifier is that they enable you to raise the volume without increasing distortion. If your current car audio system experiences distortion at your desired volume point, you possibly need an amp.

However, you will need to consider whether your head unit has preamp outputs or not. The outputs bypass the inbuilt amplifier and send a clear signal to the external amplifier.

If your dashboard does not have preamp outputs, you will need to get an amplifier that has speaker-level inputs. You can also use a speaker-line level converter. While both methods tend to cause distortion and noise at high volumes, the other option is to change the head unit of your car. It is easier to get the right car amplifier when working with a decent head unit.

Car Amplifier Channels and Other Features

The number of channel in an amplifier is one of the primary distinguishing factors between amplifiers. The channels come in different configurations – from one to six channels. Each one of them is best suited to different sets of speakers.

Each speaker requires at least one channel, although it is possible to utilize more than one amplifier in a single car sound system. For instance, our coaxial speakers can be powered by a four-channel amplifier, and a different mono channel amp can be utilized for the subwoofer.

Different channel configurations work best with unit speakers, so each amplifier has to match with the audio system it is going to enhance. Some amps have an inbuilt high pass or low pass filters, which makes them best suited to powering tweeters or woofers. Other amplifiers have variable bass boost, filters, and other elements.

The Significance of Power in Car Audio Amps

The power of an amplifier refers to the wattage that it can transmit to the speakers. Because the primary role of an amp is to enhance the strength of an audio signal, the power of an amplifier is among the most crucial statistics. The crucial thing here is the RMS, but there I no particular number to seek for. So, if you have a 2000 Watt Amp with an RMS rating of 750 watts, it should be called a 750-watt amp.

The RMS of an amplifier should match with the power handling of your speakers, which differs among various car audio systems. The power variation between the speaker and the amp should range between 75% and 150%. Overpowering the speakers is more advisable than underpowering them.

Benefits of Adding An amplifier to Your Car Audio System

  •         They offer extra flexibility and features

For serious music lovers, getting access to customization features such as signal processing and equalizers is a requirement. But most car stereo systems will not offer the features that you desire. Adding a car amp will enable you to take control of your sound system without having to buy a new audio system. Also, amplifiers give you the flexibility of removing or adding various channels to your audio system whenever you want.

  •         They dramatically enhance the quality of sound in your car

One of the primary reasons why individuals choose to add amplifiers to their car sound system is to enhance the sound quality. Company audio systems will tend to distort the music as you increase the volume, but speakers that are powered through an amplifier will not. The outcome of adding an amp, no matter how cheap it is, will be louder, and cleaner music that is free from distortion. If you want to listen to every instrument and to hear the clarity of vocals when listening to your favorite songs, adding an amp is the best idea.

  •         They make the music louder

Cars are very noisy. You might not realize how noisy they are until the switch on the audio system to listen to your favorite music. The air conditioning system, the traffic, the tires, and the engine are some examples of the external noise that can distort the music you are trying to listen to. Adding an amp will get rid of the problem by amplifying the sound without causing distortion, enabling you to listen to your music without disturbance from noise.

In conclusion, a car audio amp is designed to deliver quality audio with the right power combination. An amplifier is essential for your car, whether you require a basic four channel or a more powerful amplifier.

How Can Sports Benefit an Expecting Mom?

pregnant sports

Is exercising during pregnancy safe? This is one of the most disturbing questions for many pregnant women.

A considerable number feel that it is wrong because it might cause complications such as miscarriage and abnormal development of the baby. However, this is a misconception that should be discarded. The truth is that exercising is healthy for a pregnant mom as long as she engages in safe sports.

Sports don’t have to be body draining to be helpful to the body. Instead, a simple work out such as taking a short stroll around your homestead yard regularly can be beneficial for you and the baby.

The benefits that you can reap from exercising are numerous, and from research, it has been proven that many women who exercise have an easy ride during this delicate period than their counterparts who barely do a thing.

Examples of the benefits of exercising include:

  1. Minimizes the risk of pregnancy complications

The last thing that an expecting mom would like to experience is pregnancy complications. The body at this time is undergoing many changes that are influenced by hormonal imbalances. It is proven that women who engage in sporting activities while pregnant are less likely to develop complications.

A major problem that faces many women is gestational diabetes. Exercising ensures that the body regulates the blood sugars levels appropriately thus minimizing the risk of developing the disease.

Another common complication is the inability to deliver through the natural way and instead of using the cesarean method. Engaging in sporting activities ensures that the hip muscles are flexible thus aiding ability to deliver naturally.

  1. Exercising boosts moods

During pregnancy, a large number of women suffer from depression. Additionally, during this period there is a high likelihood of getting over anxious especially during the last trimester when delivery is imminent.

Exercising is the perfect means of ensuring that you keep off from stress during pregnancy. Engaging in sports induces the release of stress-relieving hormones. The endorphins, in turn, helps to improve the individual’s mood and in turn relieves the pregnant mom from stress and anxiety.

  1. Maintains blood pressure at the appropriate levels

Preeclampsia is a common condition that affects women mainly after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The major symptom of the condition is the abnormal swelling of hands and feet and the inability of body organs to work normally. Preeclampsia is also known as pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. Participating in sports is one of the proven ways of steering clear of this condition that can get serious to the extent of hindering the absorption of glucose to the bloodstream.

Sports aids the normal circulation of blood and thus prevents the development of high blood pressure. For expecting moms who have had a history of hypertension, the chances of contracting preeclampsia are high. If you belong to this category, you can minimize the chances of the condition by exercising regularly.

  1. Provides relief from back and pelvic pain

pregnant strech

As the baby grows, the lower part of the body experiences pressure and this causes back and pelvic pains. The pain can get so intense especially during the last months as you approach delivery.

It is an almost avoidable occurrence given that it happens as a result of the growth of the baby. However, regular exercising helps to alleviate the pain.

  1. It fights fatigue

It sounds a bad idea that exercising that ends up tiring the person can be a remedy to fatigue. However, indeed it is a proven technique of alleviating the fatigue that is highly prevalent during the first and the third trimester.

Getting too much rest during these phases can result in fatigue due to the body’s inactivity. On this note, the expecting mom should be cautious on the sports that she engages in. exhausting oneself will end up being harmful to your development.

Instead, you can engage in activities such as short distances walking or prenatal Yoga. Both activities are proven means of clearing fatigue.

  1. Exercising improves sleep

Sleep is crucial during pregnancy. It is the period that the body recovers from the tiresome activities that one engages in. unfortunately, many pregnant women barely get enough sleep.

Their sleep is occasioned by instances where they wake up often during the night. However, for those who sleep, the narrative is different. Women who engage in sports continuously during their pregnancy experiences better quality sleep than their counterparts who barely workout.

Additionally, women who exercise regularly are reported to wake up feeling fresh and energetic.

  1. Prevents the development of Fetal macrosomia

Fetal Macrosomia is a complication that mainly develops in overweight women. It results in babies weighing more than 8 pounds 13 ounces at birth. When a baby is macrosomic, it causes labor problems that can get fatal and cause its death or even the mother.

Delivery complications are harmful especially to the mother’s ability to deliver subsequently and should be avoided where possible. A major cause of macrosomia is the excessive increase in weight for the mother.

With regular participation in sports, the chances of gaining weight are minimal. The ideal situation is that of an expectant mom who weighs within the allowed limits. Regular exercising is cardinal in achieving that.

  1. Fastens recovery after delivery

After birth, the body takes some time to recover to normalcy. The process can be hastened through regular exercising through engagement in sports.

You need to recover and resume conducting your household chores and also go back to your job. Exercising and proper dieting is the secret to achieving good results. Also, many women tend to add weight after delivery.

You can, however, avoid falling under this category through exercising regularly. It works miracles.

  1. Eases Constipation

As the fetus grows in the uterus, it exerts pressure on the intestines, and this is likely to cause constipation. Inactivity during pregnancy causes the bowels to function abnormally. Exercising is one of the ways of getting the body to proper functioning. A short stroll is enough to ease constipation.

In conclusion, it is imperative to stay healthy during pregnancy. Part of keeping your body in a top condition is regular participation in sporting activities. However, caution should be taken to prevent straining the body during this delicate period.

A simple walk around the park or a jog over a short distance can be helpful. The advantages of exercising are almost inexhaustible, and expectant moms should make it part of their daily routine. It will aid both their health as well as that of the developing baby. Exercising will also ensure that the probability of developing complications during delivery is eliminated.

James Harden’s Remarkable Performance

Sports encompasses the most fancied activities all over the world attracting many participants for an extended period now. People take part either directly or as fans supporting and opposing the participants. That essentially makes a sports activity thrilling as fans get to enjoy watching, cheering up and other forms of interaction. The players as well get to enjoy a fantastic experience through acquiring health and financial benefits.

Basketball is one of the sports genres that has been popular for many years. Over the years, basketball has had the pleasure of staging some of the best and most skilled players. The likes of Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, among others, are some of the talented players who ought to remain in the basketball memoirs. They have presented most excellent performances in the history of basketball, while there are still other upcoming gifted players who have also exhibited efforts in performing outstandingly. James Harden is one of such players currently displaying exceptional results from his current performances. This article will respond to a grill on, What’s new in sports? James Harden’s head in the current playing season being the concern in the analysis.

History of James Harden

James Harden, born in 1989, is a famous basketball player mainly identified through his stylish play. He has hugely grown beard as one of his appearance styles as well. James started playing basketball early in his life but made his first professional appearance in 2009 by signing for Oklahoma City Thunder. In the year 2012, he left Oklahoma and signed for Houston Rockets where he has been playing up to date.

James has tremendously performed since his debut to a basketball career. His performance in 2009, where he scored the most three-pointer shots during that season, led to Oklahoma City Thunders signing him as per the third position in the NBA draft. He was the youngest player of the time to attain such a performance being only 20 years old. He held the seasons highest point having even scored 26 season-high points in a single game on 7th December.

In the following season, he retained the position of season-high 26 points as his performance continually improved. For the entire season, he scored over 10 points during his 54 appearances of the season resulting into an average of 16.8 points. He achieved the sixth position in the NBA rankings during the subsequent season. He left Oklahoma after helping them reach the finals where they lost to Miami Heat.

Playing for Houston Rockets

His performance persistently increased upon joining the Rockets. His contract termed to end in 2016 was extended for four more years. Since the renewal of the contract, he has offered the Rockets the best seasons of all time which has led to him becoming one of the most incredible players of all time. He became the first player ever to score 2000 points and concurrently assist for over 900 points in one season, 2016-2017 season. He had an average of 30.4 points per game hence attained the second position in MVP rankings. In that season, he accomplished 50 points in triple-double games, twice as well as recording a total of 474 turnovers and 659 rebounds.

In the following season, he recorded a high-season 56 points, which was a point away from the previously set record of 57 points. However, he was appointed as the player of the month in the games for October and November of that season, 2017-2018. He also scored 51 points in the subsequent match becoming the first NBA player ever to score over 50 points in two consecutive games. Towards the end of that season, he recorded a season-high 60 points becoming the first NBA player ever to reach that. He broke a record previously set by Calvin Murphy of 57 points.

Since the start of 2018-19 season, he has also shown excellent performance. He has scored at least 30 points for the 32 consecutive games he has appeared from December 2018 to February 2019. That signifies that he retains the position of an exceptional player of the current times. He has his contract with the Thunders still running, but his contract extension after that is still a mystery.

Other Harden’s Achievements

James has partnered with several major organization during his entire career. He entered into a deal with Nike which ended in 2015 when he partnered with Adidas. He has also made deals with companies such as Electronic Arts, Foot Locker, Body Armor, Beats, among others. These companies have significantly contributed to boosting his reputation. His deals are among the most expensive in the history of NBA contracts with Adidas offering him a 200 million dollars contract.

In conclusion, James has also attracted many followers on social media platforms. He has over 7 million Instagram followers and over 5 million on Twitter. He runs several other channels on social media which have several followers as well. For instance, he runs an account on Twitter called Harden’s Beard which is continually gaining recognition. The rate of followers on these platforms signifies his popularity.