Do You Really Need an Amp in Your Car?

In both your car and home audio systems, an amplifier is an appliance that takes a weak audio signal and boosts it. The signal that comes into the amplifier is weak to produce enough sound on the speakers while the signal that gets out gets the job done.

The role of amplifying the signal is essential for every car audio system, and the power of the amplifier determines how distortion-free and loud the sound will be. Every car system has an amplifier, even if it is inbuilt in the console, and others even have multiple amps.

Most vehicle audio systems don’t have a separate amp, and most car upgrades leave out the amplifier. But the truth is that all car audio systems contain an amplifier, even if it is a weak inbuilt amplifier, and the stereo system of a car cannot work without one.

Why Do You Need a Car Audio Amplifier?

Car Audio Amplifier

Most consoles include built-in amps, but they are usually not very strong. Consoles that have powerful amplifiers tend to lean more towards the expensive series, which is why the better option is to pair a dashboard that contains amplifier outputs with an improved amplifier.

There are several reasons why you need to add a separate amplifier to your car audio system, and you certainly require one if you want:

  •         To get the fullest out of your speakers: You can enhance the sound quality of your car audio system by adding new speakers, but the inbuilt amplifier on the head unit does not give you the best of them. A separate amplifier will provide you with several options in terms of sound quality and type of speakers.
  •         To power a subwoofer unit: If you want to add a subwoofer to your car audio system, you will most likely require an amplifier at the same time. Most car systems don’t have connections that are particularly designed for subwoofers – think of adding subwoofer amplifier.
  •         A louder sound that is free from distortion: One of the essential features of a quality amplifier is that they enable you to raise the volume without increasing distortion. If your current car audio system experiences distortion at your desired volume point, you possibly need an amp.

However, you will need to consider whether your head unit has preamp outputs or not. The outputs bypass the inbuilt amplifier and send a clear signal to the external amplifier.

If your dashboard does not have preamp outputs, you will need to get an amplifier that has speaker-level inputs. You can also use a speaker-line level converter. While both methods tend to cause distortion and noise at high volumes, the other option is to change the head unit of your car. It is easier to get the right car amplifier when working with a decent head unit.

Car Amplifier Channels and Other Features

The number of channel in an amplifier is one of the primary distinguishing factors between amplifiers. The channels come in different configurations – from one to six channels. Each one of them is best suited to different sets of speakers.

Each speaker requires at least one channel, although it is possible to utilize more than one amplifier in a single car sound system. For instance, our coaxial speakers can be powered by a four-channel amplifier, and a different mono channel amp can be utilized for the subwoofer.

Different channel configurations work best with unit speakers, so each amplifier has to match with the audio system it is going to enhance. Some amps have an inbuilt high pass or low pass filters, which makes them best suited to powering tweeters or woofers. Other amplifiers have variable bass boost, filters, and other elements.

The Significance of Power in Car Audio Amps

The power of an amplifier refers to the wattage that it can transmit to the speakers. Because the primary role of an amp is to enhance the strength of an audio signal, the power of an amplifier is among the most crucial statistics. The crucial thing here is the RMS, but there I no particular number to seek for. So, if you have a 2000 Watt Amp with an RMS rating of 750 watts, it should be called a 750-watt amp.

The RMS of an amplifier should match with the power handling of your speakers, which differs among various car audio systems. The power variation between the speaker and the amp should range between 75% and 150%. Overpowering the speakers is more advisable than underpowering them.

Benefits of Adding An amplifier to Your Car Audio System

  •         They offer extra flexibility and features

For serious music lovers, getting access to customization features such as signal processing and equalizers is a requirement. But most car stereo systems will not offer the features that you desire. Adding a car amp will enable you to take control of your sound system without having to buy a new audio system. Also, amplifiers give you the flexibility of removing or adding various channels to your audio system whenever you want.

  •         They dramatically enhance the quality of sound in your car

One of the primary reasons why individuals choose to add amplifiers to their car sound system is to enhance the sound quality. Company audio systems will tend to distort the music as you increase the volume, but speakers that are powered through an amplifier will not. The outcome of adding an amp, no matter how cheap it is, will be louder, and cleaner music that is free from distortion. If you want to listen to every instrument and to hear the clarity of vocals when listening to your favorite songs, adding an amp is the best idea.

  •         They make the music louder

Cars are very noisy. You might not realize how noisy they are until the switch on the audio system to listen to your favorite music. The air conditioning system, the traffic, the tires, and the engine are some examples of the external noise that can distort the music you are trying to listen to. Adding an amp will get rid of the problem by amplifying the sound without causing distortion, enabling you to listen to your music without disturbance from noise.

In conclusion, a car audio amp is designed to deliver quality audio with the right power combination. An amplifier is essential for your car, whether you require a basic four channel or a more powerful amplifier.