Infrared Sauna vs. Steam Room

When you are through with a tough workout and go into your gym locker room, you may be craving for something more relaxing. If the gym has an infrared sauna and a steam room, these will be certainly tempting options for soothing sore muscles and winding down. But should you get into the dry but very hot sauna or the moist tile room filled with steam? For you to understand better how infrared saunas and steam rooms differ, its essential to have a general understanding of the mechanics and benefits of each of them. Here is an exclusive look at the infrared sauna vs. steam room.

What is an Infrared Sauna?

An infrared sauna consist of a room that is wood-based and uses infrared rays to warm the body rather than moisture or temperatures that are too high. The infrared rays penetrate the body to about one and a half inches, heating it directly. The infrared saunas function between 115- 130degree F, which is on a lower scale that the ancient ones that run between 170 to 200 Fahrenheit. Though the temps are lower, the body heating mode from within makes them one of the beneficial options. The two types of infrared saunas include; far infrared sauna and near-infrared sauna.

What is Steam Room?

It is a moist non-porous, and an airtight chamber used for warming through humidity and high heat. The non-porous material can either be tile or glass. Water is boiled by a steaming generator to create steam and environment full of moisture. The temperatures range at around 120 F, though the high humidity levers make it feel hotter. Room of steam heat the environment from outside thus warming the users.

Steam Room Vs. Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Even though both infrared saunas and steam room provide a number of health adds, they have some variations. The varying benefits result from the distinct methods of heating used by these two methods.

Infrared Sauna Benefits

  • Concentrated Detoxification

Infrared saunas bring more sweating as compared to a room of steam. The infrared rays make penetration to the body causing increased blood flow. They also reduce water molecules clusters, which enhances the elimination of lethal toxins that are not removed in a room of steam. Medical experts states that infrared sauna heats the more deep tissues enhancing the metabolic processes, blood circulation, and tissue oxygenation.

  • Comfortable Use

As compared to steam rooms, infrared saunas tend to have lower temperatures that are easier and more comfortable on the body. More so, people who have lung issues such as difficulty in breathing and eye problems in high heat and humidity may find it appropriate to go for an infrared sauna to get a beneficial and enjoyable experience.

  • A decrease in Cellulite and Weight Loss

Infrared sauna causes a considerable weight reduction with regular use. Loss of weight is attributed to the active sauna heating nature, increased metabolic rates, and toxins elimination via improved perspiration. These processes burns extra calories significantly.

Steam Room Benefits

  • Skin Hydration

The steam room produces air of high humidity that is often useful in hydrating the skin. The moisture-rich air in steam rooms can assist in balancing skin oil production, which leads to brighter and smoother skin. For people with dry skin, they might regain a more hydrated skin by regular use of the steam room.

  • Respiratory Benefits

One of the unique benefits of a steam room over an infrared sauna is respiratory relief. It tends to make an environment that is rich with high humidity and heat, which is essential in relieving an array of respiratory problems, including sinusitis, cold symptoms, and allergies. The high air humidity opens the nasal passages and sinuses, giving more efficient breathing.

  • Improved Sleep

Upon stepping out of the steam room, the body starts working on ways to have your body become cool. When these body efforts are combined with the steam room relaxing properties, it gives the user an improved excellent night sleep. This benefit is also available with the infrared sauna.

Considerations when making a Buy

When deciding the best option between an infrared sauna and steam rooms, you should consider some characteristics of steam rooms and infrared saunas to choose which is the best is for an individual, family, or household.

And no matter which one you choose, pay attention to these precautions from LiquidImage.  especially if you are pregnant or consumed alcohol beforehand.

Steam Room Considerations

Stem rooms are purchasable as a kit where you can assemble it on your own. They can also be made by custom and a contractor makes the installation. Rooms of steam do have specific electrical and plumbing requirements, including a generator of steam that requires to be stationed in an exclusive, location of safety to decrease burn chances.

A sloped ceiling and an airtight-spaces are necessary for efficient drippage as well as a drain accommodation area. Due to the moist condition of the room, there is a possible chance of bacterial growth. You should hence ensure you regularly clean the room with till cleaner and ensure you properly drain. Steam rooms, however, may not be the best for pregnant women or people with severe conditions such as diabetes and heart problems.

Infrared Sauna Considerations

Infrared saunas are relatively simple to add to your home as compared to steam rooms. They are lighter and more portable for home using. They also do not need strict insulation to uphold high heat levels in the room. Usually, you can install an infrared sauna in less than an hour, with no professional installation required.

Also, many of the infrared saunas can plug into an existing outlet and are energy efficient. It uses a third of electrical power as compared to traditional saunas. You should, however, limit your infrared sauna session to about 20 minutes to avoid dehydration.

The Verdict on What’s Right for You

There are apparent, distinct differences between an infrared sauna and steam rooms in terms of primary operation and benefits. However, both these methods can offer much-needed health benefits for individuals and families. They can increase relaxation, ease stress, bring happiness, and improve overall health. When deciding what to take between infrared sauna vs. steam room, you should take your time to consider your specific health needs, your current health status, and the future wellness goals.